Friday, 18 March 2011

jiwang cket ~

cAmPus L!fe in sem 1

after finished sPm...i dk saje2 kat umah in 3 months..tmbh lemak je..hehhe....lpas result kuar...Thanks God...i dpt result oke,,, jus 4A's 5B' 8 pom ak ec..last2..cek tenet...i got uitm diploma public administration..heheh...kazen ak da gtau kos ni agak susah..p dad ak da amik kos ni dlu kat uitm dgun gk..bln 6..ak g daftar uitm..3 buah kete dtg anta ak..auuuu...bgga org pnting plak..heheh...ak dpt kolej perhentian a..level 3..mule2 tgk r0omate2 ak..nmpk cm s0mbong je..p da knl..salah upenye sgkaan ak tue..dyorang ain from marang..ayen from kuantan and nik from tanah merah... pantai timur la bilik ak.heheh..ro0mte ak sume nye happening...bes ngat...ak syg dyorang..tido sekali..mkn sekali..lam klas ak plak..mule2 agak malu tuk bcampur..biase la..p lame2 da ok..sem1 crowded gile klas ak..lm 47 students..mcm2 ragam ad..hehehen all my lecturers sume happening n spoting..huu.. enjoy bile blaja ngn dyorang..

wif my sem 1 ro0mate..

wif on or my classmates, syah..

wif adila...dlu ak kamcing ngn ye..syg dila..
time dinner masquerade... masquerade dinner nite...sem 1..


Thursday, 17 March 2011

lyn cket~~

since like just yesterday
you were apart of me
i used to stand so tall
i used to be strong
your arm around me tight
everything felt so right
unbreakable like nothing could go wrong
now i can't breathe
now i can't sleep
i'm barely hanging on
here i'm once again
i'm thorn into pieces
can't deny it can't pretend
just got you other one
broken up deep inside
but you wont to get to see the tears i cry
behind these hazel eyes...
swallow me then split me up
for hating you i blame myself
seeking you its kill me now
no i don't cry on the outside anymore....
c/0 :

hePpy treE familY ~

family is d first..yup....i love them...soo much...i have 6 members of family including me...i have 4 juhaida husna and last mohd zulhakimie..i love my parents...
zulkifli 0thman + junaidah mat... withou them..i can not see dis wonderful world...
my luvely siblings...

my mom and my youngest sister...

my oldest sister and my youngest brother..

my sweetie...

My happy bigger ending family.. 0__o

my bigg family.....mmmuahh

me iN 19th... bec0me sweet coming 3 weeks, i 'll be sweet 19th girl.. i'm study in uitm diploma pentadbiran'm in sem 2... i love my family soo much...i alwez miss them...and my friends also...i want t0 be a matured girl,daughter and gF..heheheh...